Review of MegaPari Partners: Direct Advertiser with Good Retention and High LTV

MegaPari Partners: Direct Advertiser of Famous Brands

Gambling and betting are among the most promising niches in affiliate marketing. Finding a direct advertiser for cooperation offers webmasters numerous benefits: flexible cooperation terms, the freshest and exclusive offers, and increased rates. Choosing a worthy affiliate program can be challenging, but our reviews will help you. In this article, we discuss MegaPari Partners, the direct advertiser of the same-name online casino and bookmaker. Discover the advantages of their affiliate program and how to get started with it.

What you need to know about MegaPari Partners

mega pari partners affiliate program homepage screenshot

The MegaPari Partners affiliate program has been operating since 2019. The official website of the online casino and bookmaker with the same name is translated into 70 languages and attracts players from Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Regular bonuses and promotions, thousands of gambling games, and a wide range of sports, along with a minimum deposit of just $1, attract and retain bettors and gamblers on the platform.

Since its start, the affiliate program has specialized in SEO traffic but quickly expanded to include traffic from social networks, email campaigns, and PPC. The default cooperation model at MegaPari Partners is RevShare, but upon request, managers can set up CPA deals on an individual basis.

Advantages of the MegaPari Partners affiliate program

Affiliates at MegaPari Partners can target Latin America, Europe, and Asia. Top geos in the program include India, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, Iran, Turkey, Argentina, and Brazil. Commission rates vary based on geo and traffic sources, with partners able to earn up to 40% in revenue share. Other advantages of MegaPari Partners include:

  • Reg2dep conversion rates up to 70%.
  • High retention rate due to numerous bonuses, promotions, and interactive features.
  • Weekly updated promotional materials adaptable to various traffic sources.
  • A wide array of tools for campaign optimization and scalability.
  • Experienced account managers providing comprehensive support.
  • In-house media-buying department aiding in marketing strategy development.
  • Detailed real-time statistics.
  • Weekly automatic payouts starting from $30.
  • An Android app available for your convenience.
  • Website available in 70 languages.

Don’t forget that Latin America and Asia remain top geos to drive traffic in general.

How to register and get started with MegaPari Partners

To start working with MegaPari Partners, you need to register on their official website.

registration page

Click the “Registration” button and fill out the form, providing:

  • Username
  • Password (confirm)
  • Source you will be working with and its category
  • Preferred language
  • How you learned about the affiliate program
  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Messenger and username
  • Country of residence
  • Phone number
  • Payment method: You need a MegaPari player account, but you can enter any combination of numbers and then update your details in your account.

Next, confirm that you agree to the affiliate program’s terms and complete the registration. An information window will appear indicating that a manager will contact you within 48 hours for approval. After this, you can start working immediately.

Overview of the MegaPari Partners dashboard

megapari partners dashboard

The personal account is convenient, as noted by many regular partners of MegaPari Partners. On the main page, you will see the Dashboard: balance, earnings for a specific period, and brief statistics on your advertising campaign.

The main sections are listed in the left menu.

websites section of the dashboard

In the “Websites” section, you can add websites or social media platforms to work with traffic. Add a link to your site, select its category, and choose the language. Then, you can filter sites by identifier or hide specific resources.

the commission structure section of the dashboard

The “Commission structure” section provides a detailed description of your rates and payment models for selected offers when collaborating with MegaPari Partners.

In the “Payment history” section, you will find all details regarding withdrawals and income:

  • Currency
  • Date
  • Payment
  • Earnings
  • Balance
  • Status

You can download payment reports in Excel or CSV format.

In the “Account” section, you can update personal information, contact details, and payment method details. You can also enable two-factor authentication for your profile.

The “Contacts” section includes the email address, Skype username, and Telegram handle of your personal manager.

The “Marketing” section is divided into three tabs. In the “Affiliate links” tab, you can create and manage links for driving traffic. After adding your website in the “Websites” section, select it in the “Affiliate links” tab, choose the language, currency, and click “Generate Link”. The generated link can be copied and added to your website.

In the “Promo Codes” tab, you can generate a promo code for your advertising campaign. Casino clients can enter your promo code during registration, and you will receive a reward for it without them needing to click through a referral link. Select the website for which you want to create the promo code, choose the currency, and click “Generate Promo Code”. Copy the promo code and add it to your website.

promocodes tab

In the “Media” tab, you will find all creatives for driving traffic. You can filter them by type: Flash, GIF, Wallpaper, HTML5.

the media tab where you can find ready-made creatives
an example of a ready-made creative

Additionally, you can filter creatives by currency, language, and campaign, and download them to your PC or get the code to add them to your website.

the summary section

In the “Reports” section, all results for advertising campaigns are displayed with detailed statistics:

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Direct links
  • Registrations
  • Registration-to-click ratio
  • Registrations with deposits
  • Registration-with-deposit-to-registration ratio
  • Total amount of new deposits
  • New customers
  • Accounts with deposits
  • Total deposit amount
  • Revenue
  • Number of active players
  • Average player profit

For convenience, campaign results are categorized into separate tabs:

  • Brief report
  • Detailed report
  • Marketing tools report
  • Player report
  • Sub-affiliate report

You can create a report for a specific time period and download it in Excel and CSV formats.

How to withdraw funds from MegaPari Partners

Payments are processed automatically once a week when the balance reaches $30. However, for the first withdrawal, you need to make a withdrawal request through your personal manager. Payments are conducted via:

  • Bank Wire
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • USDT
  • BTC

Upon request, alternative payment schedules can be arranged.

User reviews of MegaPari Partners

The MegaPari Partners affiliate program is particularly popular internationally, with positive reviews.

an example of a user review

Partners appreciate the quality and promptness of their personal manager and technical support at MegaPari Partners. They also like the weekly payouts.

other user reviews of the megapari partners affiliate program

Affiliates highlight the simplicity and profitability of collaborating with MegaPari Partners. Thanks to ongoing development of attractive offers for players, retaining them in the online casino and bookmaker is straightforward. Moreover, attracting new gamblers and bettors is facilitated by the multitude of promotions updated weekly.


MegaPari Partners is a direct advertiser of a well-known international online casino and bookmaker. The affiliate program ensures competitive rates, top geos, and comprehensive support from experienced managers in affiliate marketing. Specialists assist in selecting suitable creatives, finding the perfect combination, and achieving stable profits.

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