Review of CPA.House: A Leading CPA Network with the Highest Payouts for Partners

Review of CPA.House: CPA Network with Highest Payouts

CPA.House is a multi-vertical affiliate network operating on the CPA model. The platform offers webmasters offers in nutra, gambling, dating, sweepstakes, finance, and other verticals. Even if you are new to affiliate marketing, you can gain your first experience and make a good profit in this network.

We will explain the advantages and features of CPA.House, how to start working with the network, and why affiliates consider this platform one of the best. homepage

What You Need to Know About the CPA.House Affiliate Network

CPA.House has been known in the affiliate marketing market since 2019. The network works with a wide range of geos, including Europe, Africa, CIS countries, and others. The main distinction of the platform is the abundance of offers with high payouts and approval rates.

The affiliate network treats each partner with care. If you need support, they provide training materials, videos, and assistance from managers. If you show good results and achieve volume, they offer favorable individual terms of cooperation.

Advantages of the CPA.House Affiliate Network

The main feature of CPA.House, which makes affiliates consider it one of the best networks, is the high payouts for quality traffic and leads. Some offers pay up to $40. The approval rate is also quite high. There are other advantages as well:

  • More than 4000 offers: Includes exclusive offers from direct advertisers and in-house offers for maximum profit.
  • Detailed statistics: Allows you to measure campaign effectiveness and make informed decisions for optimization.
  • Proprietary anti-fraud system: Uses artificial intelligence to detect undesirable traffic.
  • Postback and API lead transmission settings: These features ensure more accurate and reliable conversion data transmission.
  • Support and managers: Assist new and advanced partners in any situation.

How to Register in CPA.House

Registration in the CPA.House affiliate network is simple and quick:

  • Create a username and password.
  • Provide your email address.
  • Add your Telegram or Skype username.
  • Complete the captcha to confirm you are human.
  • Click the “Register” button.
sign up page at affiliate network

Once registration is complete, the user is immediately taken to the webmaster’s dashboard.

Overview of the CPA.House User Dashboard

In the center of the main page of the dashboard, you will see information on leads and earnings for the current and previous day, your manager’s contact information, your balance, new offers, and the latest news regarding CPA.House offers, such as rate increases or decreases, and offer suspensions or resumptions.

dashboard of the affiliate

The main menu is located on the left and includes 21 blocks, but the most interesting for webmasters are the following:

Profile. In this tab, the webmaster can update personal information, fill in payment details, set up postback, change the password, and enable two-factor authentication.

profile settings page

Top Offers. This section features four collections of offers for the week: Favorites, Top by Approval, New Offers, and Recommended with 100% Approval. Each category contains 30 offers. For each offer, the geo and payout amount are specified. For offers that have received their first hundred leads, the CR (Conversion Rate) and approval percentage are also indicated.

top offers section

Offers. This section presents all 4,644 offers from CPA.House. For quick searching, there is a filtering system by goal, status, category, traffic source, country, Tier, and payout currency. Inside the offer card, you will find complete information on the terms of cooperation:

  • Offer description with an example of the funnel the user will go through
  • Available geos
  • Average CR and approval rates
  • Accepted and prohibited traffic
  • Call center working hours
  • News and updates about the offer
  • Payment terms and time limits
offers section of the dashboard
example of an offer page
ready-made pre-landing pages and landing pages for an offer

CPA.House gives new webmasters a small but pleasant bonus of $1 added to the payout of one top offer.

Statistics. Convenient real-time reports can be generated based on various indicators such as date, offer, flow, country, traffic source, etc. You can obtain statistics and generate reports on leads and sources in the corresponding tabs of the main menu.

statistics section

In the main menu of the dashboard, there are important tools for promotion and additional earnings:

Domains: Parking a domain in the CPA.House flow system is necessary if you advertise products on social media or want the domain name to match the promoted product, application, or service. Domain parking also reduces the risk of link blocking in advertising accounts.

domains section

News showcases are an effective tool for traffic monetization. This is a page filled with entertainment news and teasers leading to various offers. You can use the news collected by the affiliate network or add your own.

news storefronts section

Smartlinks. Webmasters can create smartlinks that automatically select the best offer for each visitor who clicks on the affiliate link.

Postback Logs. Detailed reports on events triggered after clicks on affiliate links.

Referrals. The CPA.House referral program allows you to earn an additional 3% of the income from each referred partner.

referrals section

API. Webmasters can download all landing pages available in CPA.House and upload them to their own hosting.

API section

The main menu also includes informational blocks such as FAQ and “Rules,” as well as a section for contacting support and tracking existing tickets.

How to Withdraw Money from CPA.House

Withdrawals are made through the “Payouts” menu section. You need to select the currency and request the payout. The minimum amounts for withdrawal depend on the chosen currency:

  • Dollars: $50
  • Euros: €50
  • USDT: 500 USDT

The payout hold period is 7 days, with early payouts available for verified partners. Funds are transferred to Capitalist, Push.House, USDT (TRC20), WebMoney, and Yandex.Money.

payouts section

Reviews of the CPA.House Affiliate Network

You can easily find reviews about CPA.House online—there are many, and most of them are positive.

Webmasters highlight the numerous offers, high payouts, constant support, user-friendly interface, wide selection of geos, and excellent tools for traffic monetization.

Affiliates leave many kind words about CPA.House support. They praise the managers for their quick and thorough responses.


CPA.House is a progressive affiliate network that continuously improves its service and provides the best offers for both beginners and experienced affiliates. It is ideal for those who want to switch verticals or try a new niche. The platform provides a solid foundation for affiliate’s work, as well as excellent tools for promotion and additional earnings.

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