Adsterra CPA Network: 12,000+ Offers, Anti-Adblock, and Low-Competition Geos

Review of Adsterra CPA Network: 12,000 Offers & Anti-Adblock

Partnering with a CPA network provides an affiliate with a multitude of offers from various advertisers on a single platform. An affiliate only needs to choose the most suitable offers. In this review, we will explore the working conditions, advantages, and features of the Adsterra CPA network, and also examine the feedback from partners.

Key points to know about CPA network Adsterra

adsterra homepage

Adsterra is a CPA network launched by a team of experts in web development and affiliate marketing in 2013. The network collaborates with 50,000 companies, enabling partners to generate over $87 million annually.

The network operates on the following models:

  • CPA (Cost Per Action)
  • CPI (Cost Per Install)
  • CPL (Cost Per Lead)
  • CPC (Cost Per Click)
  • RevShare (Revenue Share)

On the platform, webmasters can work across various verticals including gaming, e-commerce, and installs (VPN, software, utilities). Adsterra supports traffic from 248 geos for affiliate marketing purposes.

Advantages of the Adsterra Affiliate Network

Adsterra stands out with an effective security system for ads and partners. Transparent detailed statistics on advertising campaigns and a team of experts serving as personal managers ensure stable profits.

Other advantages of Adsterra include:

  • Bonuses and additional profit percentages for new and existing partners.
  • Discounts on optimization services: Voluum, PeerClick, BeMob, Binom, AffLIFT, Muvi, Mobidea, SiteChecker.
  • Private and exclusive offers from direct advertisers.
  • Intelligent platform algorithms find offers based on 20+ parameters for the target audience.
  • Well-designed self-service platform with an intuitive interface for automating routine processes.
  • Profit from any type of traffic without restrictions on the volume of impressions sent.
  • Expert recommendations in affiliate marketing to increase webmasters’ profits.
  • Anti-adblock: The system allows webmasters to bypass ad blockers.
  • Technical support and personal manager always available to affiliates.

How to register and get started with the Adsterra CPA network

To become a partner of the Adsterra CPA network, you need to register on the official website.

a window where you can choose whether to be an advertiser or a publisher

Click on “Sign Up” and choose registration as a publisher.

a page where you can sign up as a publisher

In the registration form, you need to provide:

  • Email address
  • Full name
  • Username (nickname)
  • Password
  • Messenger for communication and nickname
  • Payment method

Next, agree to the terms of the affiliate network and confirm your registration. Follow the link from the email sent to you by the network to activate your account. Then enter your login credentials to access your personal account. To choose a cooperation model, contact your personal manager.

Overview of the Adsterra personal account

adsterra personal account screenshot

The navigation in the personal account is straightforward. The top block contains the profile and balance information. The main sections for work are located in the left-hand side slide-out menu.

dashboard at adsterra

The “Dashboard” section initially contains only platform-related news. As you work here, widgets with brief statistics will appear.

In the “Statistics” section, the results of each advertising campaign are displayed. You can filter information by date, geo, device, number of clicks, conversion rate, and revenue.

In the “Direct Link” section, you can create a smart link to attract users:

  1. Click on “Create Direct Link,” choose the link category, and click “Add.” The system will send a request to your manager. You can use the links after they are approved.
  2. Add the link to any post on social media or in text on your website. Smartlink algorithms select target pages from advertiser campaigns working with Adsterra.
  3. Track statistics and make changes to your campaigns at any time. You can change the link name and delete ads.
direct links section

In the “Websites” section, you can add your website and generate offer codes for traffic monetization. Click “Add Website,” choose the website category and available ad blocks. Click “Get Code,” copy the code, and add it to your site.

In the “Referrals” section, partners create links to attract clients to the CPA network. You can earn additional income for referrals.

In the “Profile” section, you can edit your personal information, and in “Payment information,” you can manage EPS data convenient for payouts.

a page where you can get bonuses from adsterra

Adsterra collaborates with various companies and services beneficial for affiliate work. Therefore, network clients enjoy bonuses and discounts on subscriptions to trackers, web analytics services, and tools. Available advantageous offers can be viewed in the “Freebies and bonuses” section.

How to withdraw money from Adsterra

You can withdraw money from Adsterra twice a month on working days. The network facilitates withdrawals through bank transfers or the following EPS:

  • Visa
  • Bitcoin
  • USDT (Tether)
  • PayPal
  • WebMoney
  • Wire transfer
  • Paxum

The minimum payout amount is $100.

User Reviews of Adsterra

Reviews about Adsterra are predominantly positive. Advertisers and webmasters are satisfied with their partnership with the CPA network. Many partners appreciate the good bonuses available for using services. They also highlight the convenient dashboard with a wide selection of offers.

user reviews on adsterra

Almost everyone considers Adsterra one of the most reliable and advanced affiliate networks.

user reviews on adsterra from redditers


Adsterra is a reliable platform for advertisers and webmasters alike. Advertisers receive high-quality traffic, while affiliates earn substantial payouts for their efforts. Private and exclusive offers from direct advertisers, along with coverage in 248 geos, provide opportunities for stable profits.

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