Review of iMonetizeIt: Multi-vertical Affiliate Network with 6,000+ Offers

Review of iMonetizeIt: Multi-Vertical Affiliate Network

If you’re working across multiple verticals, you don’t necessarily need to search for an affiliate network for each vertical. You can register with a multi-vertical affiliate network and promote gambling, nutra, adult, and other offers simultaneously.

Today, we’ll talk about one of the popular multi-vertical affiliate networks — iMonetizeIt. Find out how to get started with the network and what cooperation terms it offers.

What You Need to Know About the iMonetizeIt Affiliate Network

imonetizeit affiliate network homepage

iMonetizeIt is an affiliate network, best known for webmasters who drive traffic to dating offers. However, the network also operates with other niches:

  • Sweepstakes;
  • Gambling;
  • Gaming;
  • Nutra.

Webmasters can choose from over 6,000 available offers, including in-house products and exclusive deals not found in other networks.

iMonetizeIt accepts almost any traffic from 200+ geos. Traffic sources can include:

  • Apps;
  • Teasers;
  • Native advertising;
  • Push notifications;
  • Social networks;
  • SEO;
  • Email campaigns.

SMS traffic, fraudulent traffic, and creatives with influencers are prohibited.

Three payment models are available:

  • CPA;
  • CPS;
  • CPL.

iMonetizeIt offers two working directions:

  1. IMI SmartLink: Webmasters save time and budget by directing traffic from sources where defining the target audience is challenging. The SmartLink displays relevant offers to users.
  2. IMI CPA: Over 6,000 offers from direct advertisers in dating, nutra, xGames, gambling, and sweepstakes niches.
imonetizeit homepage

Webmasters choose their direction of work during registration.

Advantages of the iMonetizeIt Affiliate Network

One of the main advantages of iMonetizeIt is its responsible approach to selecting advertisers for cooperation. You won’t find offers from unlicensed online casinos and other platforms here. Experts assist webmasters in choosing profitable offers and methods of product promotion.

iMonetizeIt conducts contests where every webmaster can win valuable prizes and discounts on useful services for their work.

Advantages of iMonetizeIt:

  • Competitive rates for offers.
  • Free tracker for tracking conversions right in the affiliate network’s dashboard.
  • Free creatives and apps for any niche.
  • A wide selection of tools for effective work: shortlinks, API. You can set up campaigns for any geo and source, including Direct traffic, Back button redirect, Enter pop-up, push.
  • Detailed FAQ and guides for beginners.

Managers and technical support assist in resolving any issues even on weekends.

How to Register and Start Working with the iMonetizeIt Affiliate Network

To start working with the affiliate network, you need to register on the official website.

choosing directions between IMI Smartlink and IMI CPA in imonetizeit

Click on “Sign Up” and choose the direction: Smartlink or CPA.

registration window

In the form, provide:

  • First name, last name;
  • Date of birth;
  • Email address;
  • Skype or Telegram nickname;
  • Role: company or affiliate;
  • Affiliate networks you have worked with before;
  • Password;
  • Source where you found out about the affiliate network.

Next, we agree to the terms of the affiliate network, enter the captcha, and confirm the registration.

You need to activate your account by following the link provided in the email. Managers will contact you within three business days for approval. However, they usually respond on the same day.

Review of the iMonetizeIt Affiliate Network Personal Account

imonetizeit personal account

The interface of the personal account is simple and convenient. In the “Possibilities” section, offers for dating, sweepstakes, gambling, games, and nutra are listed.

details of an offer in the personal account

In the “Dashboard” section, you’ll find brief statistics on advertising campaigns. For more detailed results, you can assess them in the “Statistics” section. In this section, you can filter the data by various parameters:

  • Vertical;
  • Country;
  • Traffic type;
  • Connection type;
  • Mobile operator;
  • OS;
  • Proxy.

There are separate subsections for statistics on conversions and offers.

dashboard in the personal account of imonetizeit

In the “Smartlinks” section, you can create and manage smart links. Click “Create a Smart link,” specify the name, vertical, domain, and source. Here you can also enable back button redirect, pop-up, push, Direct traffic, and postback.

smartlink creation page

In the “CPA Marketplace,” you’ll find offers categorized by verticals. Offers can be filtered by traffic type, offer type, geo, vertical, and other parameters.

offer details

In the “Payments” tab, you can add a payment method and track transaction history, as well as request payouts.

In the “Domains” section, you can add and manage domains. Click the “Add domains” button, specify the URL. You can use either a free SSL or an SSL certificate.

Every iMonetizeIt partner can earn in the referral program. In the “Referral program” section, you’ll find a link to invite others to the affiliate network. Here you can also track earnings from referred partners.

In the “Free Tracker” section, you’ll find a link to download the free tracker from iMonetizeIt.

If you have any questions, visit the FAQ section in your profile or contact your personal manager. Their contacts are located next to their photo at the bottom of the page.

How to Withdraw Money from the iMonetizeIt Affiliate Network

By default, payouts are processed twice a month. However, after two withdrawal requests, you can request money once a week. The following payment systems (EPS) can be used for transactions:

  • Webmoney;
  • Capitalist;
  • BTC;
  • Bank transfer;
  • USDT (TRC-20, ERC-20);
  • Paxum;
  • Qiwi;
  • Skrill;
  • Dana.

Payouts starting from $80 are accepted.

User Reviews of Working with the iMonetizeIt Affiliate Network

Reviews of working with iMonetizeIt are positive. Both experienced webmasters and newcomers in affiliate marketing speak about stable cooperation.

user reviews of imonetizeit

Partners mention the quality of technical support and personal managers. They write about good payouts, a simple and user-friendly interface of the personal account, and an optimal set of tools for setting up advertising campaigns.

another user review of imonetizeit

The referral program in the affiliate network allows you to earn up to an additional 5% for attracting new partners.

another user review


iMonetizeit is a popular affiliate network that has proven its reliability and quality. Since 2015, the network has been offering a vast number of offers for websites, useful tools for work, and detailed real-time statistics. Affiliate marketing experts provide recommendations on any issue.

Register for the affiliate network and focus on dating, sweeps, gambling, and other verticals. You can choose free creatives and applications for any niche. Plus, the tools from the network will help make your ad campaigns even more effective.

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