Review of HETCASH Advertising: the Ideal Platform for Publishers and Advertisers

HETCASH Advertising: No. 1 Ad Platform for Publishers

Such networks differ in types of traffic: from push notifications to teasers and mobile apps/websites. In many advertising networks, you can work simultaneously with several types of traffic, and you can direct it to any vertical — from crypto to adult. Today, we will talk about the advertising network HETCASH Advertising, its features, and advantages.

What You Need to Know About the HETCASH Advertising Network

hetcash homepage

HETCASH is a global advertising network that helps webmasters monetize their traffic using smart links.

Through HETCASH, you can direct traffic to adult, lotteries, mobile apps, nutra, forex, and other verticals. HETCASH operates in 180+ geos and guarantees over 7 billion impressions per day.

Advantages of the HETCASH Advertising Network

In the advertising network, there are six main advertising formats:

  • Push notifications;
  • Pop-ups & pop-unders;
  • Interstitial ads;
  • Banners;
  • Native advertising;
  • Contextual ads.

Clients can customize advertising formats for their offers in just a few seconds.

format customization page

For example, it’s enough to select an image, specify the URL where the traffic will go, set the payment model, and configure targeting parameters.

Payment models:

  • CPM — cost per thousand impressions;
  • CPC — cost per click;
  • CPL — cost per conversion.

HETCASH Advertising’s feature is its low-conversion campaign filter. If your ads are ineffective, the system will stop them.

Advantages of HETCASH Advertising:

  • Thousands of advertisers worldwide;
  • Smartlink optimization algorithms to find profitable offers for the audience;
  • Weekly automatic payouts starting from $100 for regular clients;
  • Payouts to bank cards, cryptocurrency wallets, Capitalist;
  • Targeting based on 10+ parameters: geo, OS, device, browser, etc.

Personal manager is always available, and customer support handles any issues.

How to Register and Start Working with the HETCASH Advertising Network

HETCASH ad network homepage

To start working with the advertising network, go to the official website and click on the “Sign Up” button.

registration window

Next, in the registration form, you need to provide:

  • First name, last name;
  • Address;
  • Contacts: Telegram, Skype, Facebook, Whatsapp;
  • Nickname;
  • Email address;
  • Password.

After that, agree to the platform’s terms and confirm the registration.

Also, within one account, you can switch between being an advertiser and a publisher.

a switch in HETCASH to choose b/w advertiser and publisher roles

Overview of the HETCASH Advertising Network’s Personal Dashboard

website main page

In the center, there is the “Dashboard,” where you’ll find campaign budgets, statistics, history, and account information.

dashboard in HETCASH

In the “Statistics” tab, you’ll find all the statistics for advertising campaigns.

statistics section

You can filter the results of each advertising campaign by different parameters:

  • period;
  • geo;
  • ad format;
  • offer type, and others.

You can download a campaign report in PDF, Excel, CSV formats. If you want to view individual stats for each advertising format, navigate to sections:

  • “Banner campaigns”;
  • “Direct link campaigns”;
  • “Native campaigns”;
  • “Pop campaigns”;
  • “Push campaigns”.

In the “Settings” section, clients can update personal information and password.

settings section

In the “Websites” section, you can add a website for operation. Click the “Add a new website” button and specify the domain and website category in the window.

In the “Transactions list” section, you’ll find the history of earnings, expenses, and payouts.

How to Launch Advertising in the HETCASH Advertising Network

dashboard main page

To start advertising:

  1. Switch to “Advertiser” in the top block next to your profile;
  2. Top up your balance: the “Add Funds” button is located in the bottom right corner next to the online chat;
account information window

3. Choose a convenient option to top up your account and specify the amount and details.

4. Then click on the “New Campaign” button and select the advertising format:

  • Banner Ads;
  • Direct Link Ads;
  • Native Ads;
  • Pop Ads;
  • Push Ads.
campaign creation page (choosing the format)

For example, if you’ve selected a banner advertising campaign, specify:

  • Image URL;
  • Banner size;
  • Bid size and type;
  • Campaign name;
  • Total and daily budget.
new campaign launching page

5. Now, proceed to the targeting parameters:

  • Geo;
  • Platform;
  • OS;
  • Browser;
  • Website category where the ad will appear.

To launch the campaign, click “Add campaign”.

How to Withdraw Money from the HETCASH Advertising Network

In the HetCash advertising network, you can withdraw money once a month. The minimum withdrawal amount is $100.

withdrawal page on HETCASH website

To withdraw funds, go to the “New Withdraw” section:

  1. Choose a convenient withdrawal method;
  2. Enter the withdrawal amount;
  3. Click the “Submit withdraw request” button.

For regular clients, payouts are automatic. Money is transferred once a week to bank cards, cryptocurrency wallets, or the Capitalist system. The first payout needs to be requested manually through a manager.

User Reviews of the HETCASH Advertising Network

You can leave a review about the HETCASH Advertising network on this page.

Also, take a look at the reviews about the HETCASH Advertising network from other users around the internet:

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Users appreciate the stable weekly payouts.

a user review of the HETCASH advertising network


HETCASH is a reliable and high-quality advertising network that operates with six advertising formats: push notifications, pre-roll, interstitial ads, banners, native advertising, and contextual ads.

Smartlink optimization algorithms for finding profitable offers for your audience and targeting based on 10+ parameters will increase your traffic. The low-conversion campaign filter will prevent you from wasting your budget.

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